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Meet Elias Patrick ,Tanzanian (CEO-Elly’s Brand company) which is based in Tanzania specialized in Digital Marketing Consultancy and ICT services





This is award he received from NCC

Elias Patrick  (third from left), Participated  in LEAP Africa conference that was held in School of Law

Inaugural Conference Panel for LEAP Africa. Elias Patrick Was among the speakers

Learnit Institute of Business and Technology in content with NCC Education (UK) awarded Elias Patrick as the Best Entrepreneur of the Year . During the interview Mr Elias said ” Sucess is based on how consistent you are and only person efforts , discipline and focus can make the difference ” . Currently he runs his own company called Ellys Brand Company as a CEO and Lead Consultant

The Zion Voice CEO Mr Elias Patrick had an interview at Clouds Media Group , (Clouds Fm) . He went to introduce his groups new release and he spoke about the band plans and updates
Elias Patrick joined task force with IT tech from Korea and he was a team leader for development of various Web based apps that was required buy BIL Company

Elias Patrick (First from Right)with his singing Band known as The Zion Voice they have released a new song goes by the name Nisimamishe . He said only God knows our destiny we should always do what’s right

He is among the best  young  entrepreneur in Tanzania with various awards such as Best Entrepreneur of the Year at the Youngest Age . He is a  web designer , Photographer , Digital Marketing Consultant  , Clothing Designer , Public  Speaker  and Singer .

He spends his  whole day, practically every day learning new things that will impact others in all life aspects .He is  curious, and enjoy work that challenges his to learn something new and stretch him in a  different direction.

With  various recognitions and awards including Best Entrepreneur of the Year from NCC Education from Uk 🇬🇧 2016 which was partner with my college Learnitinsititute of Business Information Technology.

He also write blogs on topics relating to self esteem, relationships, web design, small business, entrepreneurship, freelancing and work-life balance.